mySQL database size limits

I’d like to move a single-user WordPress site over to my Reclaim account (in part because it’s above the 1024MB size limit for the mySQL db of another shared host). My guess is that the actual size of of the SQL database could be about half its current size if I can get into the WP back end to clean out spam, orphaned, and redundant data, but I’m unable to easily log into the current WP install presently to do this easily.

What are the mySQL database size limits on the Reclaim hosting packages? I don’t see this documented/mentioned anywhere.

It appears that phpMyAdmin upload limit size is 150MiB. Is there a way to get around this limit (even if temporarily)? My 1126MB file can be compressed to 161MB. Or do I need to break the db into chunks and do individual pieces at a time?

No limits, database size just counts as a portion of the total storage quota of the account so if you have a 10GB account and you’re using 1GB for files you have 9GB available for databases, other files, etc. phpMyAdmin has upload limitations because it is a PHP application (similar to WordPress upload limits) driven by the max_upload settings serverwide. The workaround is to use mysql commands via SSH to import the database. That has no such restrictions (I’ve imported several GB large SQL files using that method). Once it’s imported you can manage the database with phpMyAdmin no problem.


IMO Best approach is pay the $25 migration fee and walk away.