New marketplace Mattermost configuration?

Me again. :slight_smile: I have been running a Mattermost instance that I created in July via the marketplace, and it’s been working fabulously. As I just noted in another post, I even figured out how to upgrade the application.

But here’s a puzzle: I created a second Mattermost instance for another purpose, and the marketplace set is up completely differently from the one I’ve been running. My original environment has Mattermost Server running in Docker Engine CE (and then I’ve got a load balancer on top of that). The new environment says it has an Application Server labeled “Mattermost-prod-app.” And when I go into the server at the command line the setup is completely different.

I don’t know if Jelastic changed how the marketplace deploys Mattermost, but is there any way I could create a second environment that’s set up like the first?

Yes Jelastic released their own production installer so we swapped out in favor of theirs. If you want to use ours you can use the Import option and import by URL specifying the URL or this link should work.

Ah, got it. That’s helpful to know. I’ll give that a shot!

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