No TLS support for email?

I just noticed that MxToolbox has an SMTP TLS test, so I gave it a try with my Reclaim Hosting email address.

MxToolbox claims that TLS is not available. It says the SMTP server advertises TLS but does not give a “250-STARTTLS” response.

Does that mean that, even though my email client is set up to use TLS, in practice it is downgrading to a non-TLS connection? Or am I missing something?

Thanks to anyone who can shed a little light for me. I hope everyone is keeping well!

The test says it uses port 25 which is the insecure port for SMTP. cPanel has SSL/TLS on port 465 for outgoing SMTP. I don’t see a way to test it over the correct port through that site.

I see that now, a bit weird that they test for TLS on port 25.
Seems to work fine if I just connect with openssl. Anyway a good learning experience for me.

i’m facing Smtp error on my Membership software while sending Mails for seogbtools