Now i uploaded my own site, i forgot the url to get to my control panel!

I used to get to the control panel throught the link in the up/right corner on the default page…
please, help.

Hi there-- You can login to your cPanel by logging into the following link: Client Area - Reclaim Hosting

Once logged in you’ll click the menu item labelled ‘cPanel.’

Let us know if you have any other questions! You can always email us at as well.

Thnk u!! that was helpful. I published another question yesterday. Perhaps u can help me. I can’t upload my images folder…i mean, the rest of archives uploaded ok, but the images folder didn’t. Should i create the folder first and then upload the images? how can i do?
thank u again,

Ah, apologies for not responding yesterday! Can you send a request to or within your Client Area? I’d need to gather some more information from you before I can troubleshoot. When submitting the request please include the error you see or a screenshot of what you see as well. Thanks!