OHMS Viewer not registering in OMEKA

I am note a database person so please bear with me.

I am trying to see my viewer in Omeka.

From my OHMS account I upload the xml file to my computer. I then zip the file and then upload the zipped file to my cache files under my OHMS viewer on Reclaim. I then unzip the file. In OMEKA I installed and configured the OHMS Import and Ohms Object and the Philly Plugin and then I download the zipped file to OMEKA. I see the viewer fine on my OHMS account. However, when I view it in OMEKA, I see only a blank box where the viewer is supposed to be. All the metadata is visible. Did I miss a step? I have been following the guide given in OHMS/Omeka workshop as well as reclaims guide, but don’t know what I am doing wrong. Is there an OHMS viewer for Omeka that I need to install?
I found this message on a previous question similiar to mine which sounds like a solution, but I don’t know how to do this.

For anyone else having this problem, noting the fixes here:
It’s not mentioned anywhere in the documentation, but you have to explicitly allow the iframe tag in the “Allowed HTML Elements” Security Settings of of the Omeka installation–it’s not allowed by default.

Also, I had an SSL security certificate on my Omeka site, but not on the site that was hosting the OHMS viewer and files. Once they were both secure, things worked fine.

How do I review this Allowed HTML Elements" and SSL security certificate?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!