Omeka Update Failed: Version problem?

I got notifications the other day that most (not all) of my Omeka installations failed their automatic updates. The message I received is:

Technical error:
Error: 2021-03-27 01:01:50.89141700 FAILURE [3; /usr/bin/curl] http://[My_Domain_Name].net/[nameOfSite]/itronupgrade.php [http code=404] @

When I examine the Installatron Update Wizard, The Version filled in is 2.8. The box with “2.8” in it is outlined in red, and there is a warning in red underneath it: “! The web application selected is already running the latest version.”

I’m confused about what this means. Would appreciate any suggestions.


Hi Eliza,
Great question! It looks like there definitely was an error when Installatron was updating the Omeka sites. But from some more investigation, it does look like the applications were updated properly. You can view the version numbers for the Omeka sites on the admin page:
Screen Shot 2021-03-29 at 15.56.18

I’ve gone through your applications as well and I made sure to sync your Installatron entries to make sure the applications are up-to-date using a command we can run at the server level.

You should no longer see the red square next to the applications showing there’s an update needed. Each application will also be updated automatically when the next version is released. You’re good to go!

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The nag box at the top of my Omeka dashboard says "A new version of Omeka is available for download. Upgrade to 2.8 ". Do I have to click something somewhere or is it auto? Usually when I manually do things I cause irreversible train wreck

Great question! It depends on how you installed Omeka, if manually through the File Manager, you’ll either need to upgrade the installation manually or import the installation to be managed by Installatron. This will allow for any application updates to be handled automatically.

If you’ve installed Omeka through Installatron, you’ll want to double-check your automatic update settings are turned on. This is managed directly within the application settings from ‘My Apps’ in cPanel.

If you want to update manually, you can absolutely do so-- I tend to use FTP and make sure not to replace the themes, plugins, and files folders as well as the db.ini file. This will maintain all current settings and content within the application while making sure the site gets the necessary core files updated. You can also look through Omeka’s process as well.

Thanks for the answer. I moved from Siteground to Reclaim a few weeks ago because Omeka was a manual install and they admitted they had no support for it. I used Installtron and downloaded the Puplic html etc from SG and uploaded them to my new Omeka and that got me a wonderful copy of my old website… I won’t do a manual update But I did to a temp reclaim site so unsure of what to do

Thanks so much for the extra help. I was uncertain what to delelte inside the panel. A lot clearer now. All sorted

I was quite shocked that after upgrading to 2.8 that the “Admin Images” plugin refused to work.
After testing out every conceivable thing including file upload types and size I was reduced to abject failure. Omeka forum says there is a plugin compatibility issue with 2.8,. I am not alone in finding out. I had to go back to 2.7.1. Luckily my recent data and document changes did not amount to much so I can deal with those again. That was the only way I could fix a big task of adding a diary from 1755 to my site and making a flashy exhibit


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