On vacation and my site has been declared insecure

Hi, ho,

I’m staying at a rented condo with password protected wi-fi. I tried to log into my site https://nelkat.net and got security warnings up the wazoo! My certificates still seem to be valid when I check via CPanel. Here’s a link to the warning:

security warning from Firefox - I got this when I tried to go to the Wordpress site itself and and via CPanel.


Thank you!


Hi Nell,
Great question! You’ll want to make sure your site is loading following the steps in our Secure Site guide.

It could be a browser-specific error, I was able to load the site securely on my end. I would also try clearing your browser cache as well.

Thank you very much! I will try both of those things.


PS: Thank you again! My site seems to be back (knock on wood). I think it was an extra layer of security that the condo owners put up. I was able to access the site at different wifi providers. Doing that somehow reset the Wordpress App on my phone so I could access the site from the app. Then I spoke to the office and also sent an email to the security guys (Fortiguard Web Filtering Service) requesting that they change how they categorized my site) plus accessed it from the other wifi providers. Not sure which of those strategies did the trick but it seems to be back.

I feel badly for bothering you. I panicked a bit first. The Secure Site guide and https://www.whynopadlock.com link were really helpful.

Thank you so much!