Point a domain name registered with Reclaim Hosting

I have a registered domain name under > Client Area > Active Domains. I want to point the DNS A record of one of these to another hosting server (I have the IP address), but the only management tools I see are to point the nameserver. The Reclaim nameserver is fine, I just want to point the A record. I looked at the C-Panel, but that appears to be only for my Reclaim hosted website.

How do I point the A record? (I’m used to other domain name registrars that have DNS tools that easily allow this.) Thank you.


To be able to manage the DNS you’ll need to add the domain into your cPanel as an Addon Domain. We have a support guide covering the process available here…

Let me know if you have any other questions or need further assistance.

Gordon Hawley
Customer Support Specialist
Reclaim Hosting

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