Problems with Email Forwarding

Dear Reclaim Hosting,

I had set up email forwarding from my reclaim hosting email address to my gmail account but am continually experiencing issues receiving emails. I receive most emails, but often get an error message when it comes to sending them (especially to certain email accounts). I also sometimes experience delays receiving email, and haven’t been able to receive any at all for the last 3 days.

I’m not sure what’s going on—my password etc hasn’t changed. Can you please help?


Hi Alice! Can you submit a ticket by emailing Please confirm the domain you’re working with as well. We’ll be able to take a look in your account directly to see what’s going on.

Will do! Thanks for your help.


Jumping in because I am the one with access to the cPanel, but this isn’t technically email forwarding, so I wanted to check on the right set up. We weren’t trying to forward the email, but rather access it through POP3 or SMTP from her gmail account (so she only has to log in one place, but so that the accounts remain separate).

She was getting an “Connection error”, but not all the time. It would sometimes work, leading me to believe she has the right settings there.

Do we need to something to set up POP3/SMTP? She’s trying to use POP now, should we change that to SMTP? Is there anything we need to do on the Reclaim Hosting site in the meantime?

Also, unrelated: could we get a couple of Reclaim Hosting Stickers for our laptops? :slight_smile:

Hey Juan,

We have a guide on this at which you may want to review. SMTP is always used for outgoing. For incoming email either POP or IMAP can be used depending on whether you want a copy of the email to stay on the server or not (Most folks go with IMAP but up to you).

As far as stickers I don’t believe we have any printed at the moment but DM me your address and if we do another run I can see if I can set something aside :slight_smile: