Public Knowledge Project- Open Journal Systems


I have a general question about the virtues of custom installers vs creating a database manually and installing a program.

The software I am researching right now is the Open Journal System or OJS3. We have a student-run journal and we are looking at alternatives to the current solution which is just links to a sharepoint archive on our main webpage. I wanted to give them a peek at what a real open access journal might use as their backend.

Installation wasn’t bad on our DoOO setup, I created a new database and user, loaded the files, edited the config file. Without the features of Installatron, I am feeling a little exposed. Typically I set my domains to keep 3 backups, a daily, a weekly, and a monthly. Having installed manually, I don’t have those options. I know that I can manually backup a database or manually backup folder, but is there anyway to automate that so that it happens periodically using just cpanel and not installatron?

I know that Reclaim keeps backups, but I like the security of being able to backup and reload without having to ask permission or admit that I broke everything. :slight_smile:

Has anyone else ever requested a custom installer for OJS? Have we learned some lessons that have steered us away from the public knowledge project’s stuff?

Check out Restoring Backups Using JetBackup. Our backup software has a user interface for managing them and does do regular backups (3 daily, 2 weekly, and 2 monthly).

As far as an installer I’ve never had much luck asking Installatron to build one. We have built our own but it’s quite a commitment to maintain projects since you have to build not just the installer but every update and make sure before you push it out that the updates won’t break anything. The Cloud setup is easier to create installers so I could possibly do that but the trade off is no system for updates through that and the backup system is not exposed there.

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