Punctuation in Domain Name

I am starting the process to name my domain. This will be the .com site for ‘MJ’s Proofreading’. My question/confirmation - Should I go with either ‘mjproofreading.com’ or ‘MJProofreading.com’ - leaving the apostrophe/plus ‘S’ out of the name? (do search engines typically disregard upper vs lower case?).

I’ve done some googl’ing on naming conventions, but see nothing on punctuation. My business card references ‘MJ’s Proofreading’ (the full name is ‘MJs Proofreading & More’) - but again I wanted something short, good identification of my business for searching, and no punctuation - and whatever I choose for the domain name will also be printed on the card, so I am not worried about the card header including the ‘& More’.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
Mary Jo Griffin

Hi Mary Jo-- This is a great question! Domain names are not case sensitive, like a password would be, so you can go with mjproofreading.com. You’re definitely in the right mindset that you want a short domain name, that’s easy to type in or search to give people access to the site quickly.

I think mjproofreading.com is a great choice for the domain name!

Thanks Meredith! That was going to be my first choice, then the other ‘doubts’ popped in :flushed: - I will go with that choice.
Thank you!

Mary Jo