Python Django on Reclaim?

Hi Reclaim Folks,

I’m doing some light web-app building in Django this summer, and I was wondering if anyone knew if Django apps had been successfully deployed to reclaim servers in the past. I saw the tutorial for deploying a python Flask app, and I was going to start from there, but I’d thought if anyone knew anything about Django specifically.


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I’m new to Reclaim Hosting but was looking for the same thing, maybe you already found your answer, maybe this will be useful for someone else.

For starters check out this tutorial: Deploy Django app on Shared Hosting using CPanel - Umer Softwares Blog

That worked for me. note that there are a couple of important things with where files are placed. I got hung up with my static files not loading. Reclaim chroots to your homedir, so as far as your Django install is aware “/” is actually “/home/user/”. in your settings file “~” will not work the way you think it will.

Your static files need to be placed under /home/user/public_html/ then just make sure that your STATIC_URL inside of lines up with that.

I haven’t gotten much further with this but I’d assume it’s fine for a small application/site.

Hope this helps!

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