Question regarding Adapt Author Tool

Hi there, apologies if this is not the best way to contact you, but the Adapt Author Tool thread was closed (Adapt Authoring Tool now in Marketplace).

I am looking to set up Adapt Author Tool in an environment where multiple users can access the same courses etc. to edit and create.

Your solution looks like what I am after, although I just have some questions.

  1. Does the shared hosting plan include the option to install this?
  2. Do the updates for Adapt Author Tool, Node, MongoDB, etc. get looked after automatically by this plan?
  3. Is there FTP access to upload/download our own files and themes etc. within the Adapt folders?
  4. I work for an internal training team for a global company - can I still join? I’m doing this for my own sanity, not really anything to do with the company as such!
  5. Is there an easy way to add users to Adapt (eg: access to MongoDB via Robo 3T or similar)?

Happy to take this offline if not the right place to ask, but also may help others interested in your answers.


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Hi Jason,

Thanks for reaching out here, I am answering your questions inline below:

  1. Reclaim Cloud offering is not part of shared hosting. They are two distinct offerings with separate access points. You would sign-up for Reclaim Cloud here:

  2. The updates are not automatic, and this is a containerized version of the tool. That said, I just tested it and there seems to be an issue with the installer presently, so we will need to look into this

    This does make me thinking the installer might need to be updated, so will follow-up on this once I know more.

  3. You should be able to access the container Adapt Learning is running on via FTP

  4. Not a problem, we focus on higher ed, but all are welcome

  5. Not sure if you are trying to add users for managing the setup, or simply to use the applications? Not overly familiar with the application, so clarity here would be useful

I’ll follow backup when I have a better sense of why the one-click installer is running into issues.


Thanks for your reply, Jim. For users, I was referring to adding users to Adapt so more than one can log in.

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