Redirect subdomain to SmugMug


I’ve got a subdomain that I currently use to run a Koken instance here on Reclaim. Instead, I’d like to point it to my SmugMug instance. The SmugMug instructions say:

Point your CNAME ‘www’ to
Within the domain forwarding area, point the version of your domain address without the www to the address with the www: >
• Using a subdomain to point at SmugMug? There is no need to set up an A Record.

Is it as simple as me deleting all existing records for my subdomain and then setting up the new CNAME record? Or are there other steps I need to take to avoid breaking something?!

Many thanks


You can either delete and add the new record or edit the existing record to make it a CNAME (which might be easier)

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Thanks, just tried editing the existing CNAME but it won’t let me because of the existing A records. As SmugMug doesn’t need an A record it looks like I need to delete all of those first.

Right, so I have now have a CNAME record for that sends it to , plus a redirect of to

Will wait for the changes to propogate and see what happens!

Is Smugmug expecting the www subdomain? I usually see it reversed (the non-www version of a subdomain being mapped to the third party) but realistically as long as the record matches the URL that’s in Smugmug it should work.

Yes, I’ve put into my SmugMug custom domain settings. They specifically want the www CNAME for some reason (it would be neater to do without it IMHO!).

All this worked, so I thought hmm will it work the other way around too? So I tried it, and yes - I have now mapped it across without the www and redirected the www to it.