Retirement of paper lantern cPanel theme

Any thoughts about the retirement of the paper lantern cPanel theme? Any customizations of jupiter in the works by Reclaim Hosting or at DoOO institutions? I expect we have time – my WHM version reports v.100.0.9 and the cPanel deprecation plan states the removal date for paper lantern is v 104.

This will mean a pile of changes to documentation for me, with all new screen captures, at least.

Presently, I have two top concerns:

  • No one-click access to the application installer, and no “greatest hits” panel on the Software box under the Tools tab. I’d like to recreate the Applications box we have presently.

  • The Solutions option in the left navigation tray points to cPanel documentation. If I could change the label and URL to point to our in-house docs, that would be great. Otherwise, I think I’d prefer it gone.

These are the big items I see now. I’ll miss the “waffle” icon. We train folks to use the waffle to get back to the cPanel main screen. But if a left tray is available, the Tools link serves the same purpose, so not a big deal.

Curious to learn what others are planning, or other concerns I’ve missed.


Hi Tim,
This is definitely something that’s been looming over the last couple of weeks with Reclaim as well for your exact reasonings.

There’s no real timeline for 104, they keep saying early 2022. But, we are working with our cPanel reps to get an extension on Paper Lantern, which is some good news! This will allow us to prep any documentation and adjust the theme to at least maintain some of the customizations we’ve set previously. I believe the extension would last until at least Summer 2023 (so plenty of time, thank goodness)

Reclaim Hosting uses a template off of paper lantern to create the Applications panel which links to Installatron directly. We also use some custom CSS to hide sections as needed. All of which need to be rebuilt in the Jupiter theme.

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