Scroll through pages

I have two websites with static pages on WordPress. I’d like to set the sites up so that if viewers scroll to the bottom of the homepage, the next page (about) automatically loads & so on. I’m not sure if this is determined by which theme one chooses or something that can be set up independently – and in either case how to do so.

(I also haven’t figured out how to change paragraph spacing in the dashboard, so as to further adapt my existing template, but that’s a secondary thing.)

Suggestions / advice welcome.

No experience with it, but perhaps this plugin

For sites with a lot of pages, especially if you organize them via parent/children, and use page order, I really love using the Page-List plugin. You can have it dynamically create a table of contents at the top/bottom of your pages with a simple shortcode

You do not want to edit themes to do styling, what you should do is use the WordPress customizer, and look for the Additional CSS that you can add to any site.

The CSS you need will depend on how your theme creates CSS classes, for most themes its inside a div class of .entry-content – if you are talking about spacing between paragraphs, try something line for a double text height space

.entry-content p {
     margin-bottom: 2em;

If you are talking about space between lines, you are looking at line-height

.entry-content p {
     line-height: 2;

A belated thank you for the suggestions. I haven’t had a chance to implement them yet (other life reasons), but they’re on my explore-soon list.