Security help - SSL Certificates

Very much a newbie still dipping my toes in. Got the sites set up & edited (some) – now I’m looking to improve security & ensure the sites are accessible. Can you point to any guide on ensuring the proper certificates are installed? There seem to be some issues with mine (for instance, self-signed?)



Absolutely, here are two guides that are useful for provisioning a certificate and for also making sure the site always loads over SSL (optional but not bad to do)

Okay, I think I followed the first guide successfully - one of two sites
had a certificate, the other didn’t but now does.

With respect to the second guide – Force HTTPS – I checked and the sites
work with https before them. I went into cPanel - File Manager & made
hidden files viewable.

However, when I click on the public_html folder and select the .htaccess
file – I don’t see the Code Editor option anywhere. I do have an HTML
Editor in the spot where (based on the screen shot) the Code Editor should
be, but the HTML Editor is grayed out. Screenshot below.

Thanks, Alea

I think you can use the Edit button to the left in your screenshot (they used to have a separate code editor but I think they made it a single editor now)

Thanks, that worked!