Server Location

I set up my site through our university’s new Domain of One’s Own account this August. Using any of a number of DNS location lookups, you can check that the server is located in Frankfurt, Germany. I’m in the Southeast US, though, and my impression is that most of the servers that Reclaim accesses through Digital Ocean are in the US as well. Is it possible to switch my site to a server that’s physically closer to just about all of my users?


This is definitely possible. The Frankfurt server was added to our rotation at the request of a large number of users that were concerned with data residing in the US given the political climate. Please submit a support request and we’ll be happy to process a migration to a different location in the US for you, it’s not a problem at all.


@timmmmyboy That is very interesting. I had assumed that the Frankfurt server existed solely to facilitate sites that served data primarily in Europe. I’ll give it some thought.

Thanks a lot!

Definitely one of the reasons, but financially not feasible to have a server exist solely for that reason so for awhile it was in general rotation for all signups. In our experience the difference in ping times between US and abroad hasn’t been significant enough to warrant attempts to geolocate based on signup, but we’re always happy to shuffle accounts around on user request. :slight_smile:

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