Server with Python 3?


I’m not sure which server I am on, but it seems not to have python3 installed. Is it possible to get my account transferred to a server that does? I’ve seen that as a solution to vaguely similar issues.

I get RH through NYU and my username is ‘sebastia’. Hoping that’s useful info, though happy to provide more.

With many thanks for a great service,


Hi Sebastian,

The Python selector that allows for multiple versions is only available through our shared hosting accounts. If you’re with NYU you’d need to sign up for an account with us and we could migrate your content. It’s not possible to move you to a new server but stay within NYU’s environment.


Better to stick on the same server as my students.

Looking ahead a little bit and mostly for my own benefit…

I poked around and I’m on server . Reverse DNS gives “nyu.reclaimhosting .com” for that. In turn, is an alias for that IP.

Meaning, “NYU’s environment” is a dedicated (virtual??) host? One that doesn’t have the same capabilities as more recent reclaim hosting severs?

This is by no means a huge deal. I did compile python 3.5 from source in my home directory. Eventually, I would like to use Python 3 through CGI/Apache w/o having to jump through hoops, but don’t need to do that right away. In general, the more I know about how reclaim hosting works, the better I’ll be able to communicate with the people managing the relationship on the NYU end. And as I’ve said, RH an important part of my teaching so happy to have it at all.



That’s correct, NYU is running our Domain of One’s Own system. The environments are very similar however the Python selector option in our shared hosting environment is a result of additional software licensing on our shared hosting servers that comes at a cost we don’t currently include in DoOO environments. We may look at it in the future (or ideally cPanel may provide some native options for this). I’m glad to hear you’ve found the system useful in your teaching!

Whoops. I was using wrong invocation of python 3. Basics working now with #!/usr/local/bin/python3.5 in cgi scripts. I’m not a big cPanel user so happy to steer clear of that.


I posted a how-to document for Python app deployment on Reclaim here:

Might be helpful.