Serving _site files built in Jekyll

Hi there, I’m new to Reclaim and I just purchased a domain name. I’ve built a website to promote my partner’s writing and photography using Jekyll and am ready to publish. I am trying to upload files generated to the _site folder using an FTP; I had thought that all I needed to do was get these onto the server and I would be set, but it’s not working. Is this not something I can do? Or are there steps I am missing?


That should work, did you upload them to the public_html folder on the server? You may want to also clear your browser cache to ensure you’re seeing things properly. If it’s still not working feel free to shoot us a support ticket and we can take a closer look.

There are sometimes issues with misusing site.url and site.baseurl in constructing links - especially for CSS and JS in headers. This is a good primer on some of those hyperlink - Change site.url to localhost during jekyll local development - Stack Overflow