Setting up Discourse


Is there a way to set up a Discourse forum on Reclaim Hosting? I saw an (older) blog post advertising it but cannot find it on cPanel, nor can I find the mentioned Managed Software Hosting section.

Any help would be very much appreciated, thanks!

Hi Chris,

Discourse is not compatible with cPanel. When we originally rolled out managed hosting it was a separate product with additional costs, however the demand wasn’t there and it’s not something we offer anymore. We highly recommend using Digital Ocean for which there is a guide at Discourse | DigitalOcean Marketplace 1-Click App (Digital Ocean offers an installer for Discourse). Sorry for any confusion.

Thanks timmmmyboy!

I guess since this was the main reason for signing up for Reclaim Hosting I got myself an expensive domain name… Is there any possibility of cancelling my account and get a refund? If I can keep the domain I’d happily pay for it, otherwise I go for another one for Digital Ocean.

You can absolute cancel, we have a 24 hour grace period on all signups with full refund, no questions asked. Info on that at

OK, I’ll do that. How about the domain name though?

Yes to be clear we have the ability to delete domains and issue a full refund for both hosting and domain.

Perfect. Thanks for your help!