Support for Preprint Software?

I’m a happy user of Reclaim Cloud (and many standard Reclaim hosting accounts). Here’s a question/request: Is there any interest in enabling installation of open source preprint software like:

I co-lead a preprint service MediArXiv and we are considering migrating from the Center for Open Science’s Open Science Framework to one of these.

Thanks. Jeff

I’d be shocked if the support for running it isn’t already there, I mean you can run a full VPS on the cloud system so there isn’t much linux-based stuff that can’t run there. But if you mean whether we’d build a one click installer for the marketplace area it’s certainly something to consider. I tried early on with Janeway but the install process is pretty complex. Things that have docker compose setups tend to lend themselves more easily to being packaged up. Of course the nice thing about our cloud system is that folks can also build their own installer packages so perhaps might be something the developers themselves could take on.

Some references:

Hey Jeff,

We’ve had Janeway running on a standard Reclaim Hosting account before and @timmmmyboy was super helpful in getting that running. I could probably write up a guide on setting it up on Reclaim. Re a one-click installer, I’m not so sure as we’d need to maintain it too as we update the system - will discuss internally. Feel free to nudge me on Twitter if I don’t get back in touch.


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Janeway now has a docker setup - janeway/dockerfiles at master · BirkbeckCTP/janeway · GitHub

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Thanks Andy! @timmmmyboy, would this docker setup be easier to install?

Certainly something we can explore. I moved this thread to the feature request section.

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