Tracking Daily Storage Changes

Anyone have strategies for tracking daily storage changes? Like when I see an expected spike in a short period of time where I can go see stats on changes in server in the last 24 hours?

Not sure if this would be helpful but I use this command via SSH ls -ltr

Run that within a folder and it does a reverse sort of files/folders that were last changed. Typically I’ve used that to see if a plugin recently updated or something like that but you could start higher up and drill down based on dates. Perhaps an option to modify it to do recursive folders and maybe limit showing to only last modified after X but not sure offhand.

ahh thx @timmyboy will give it a try

A little late to this party/thread, but @jgmac1106, what storage are you referring to specifically? The volumes that house the backups or Sites home dirs? If I am just spot checking I do it through WHM. I also send myself a daily disk alert from WHM with the storage percentages. Once you set the threshold it will trigger.

41% /dev/vda1 (backups)
15% /dev/sda (home dirs)
1% /dev/loop0

There are a few other ways I can think of if you are CLI/Bash/Etc friendly and keen to research that kind of thing, but informally, this work really nicely.

I figure it out…I was hidden files and all my git commits. I then emptied the files but not my trash…