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I am trying to transfer a .uk domain from 123reg to reclaim. The form on reclaim cpanel asks for an EPP code from the originating registrar whereas 123reg think I need an IPS tag from the destination registrar. I cannot get either of these… What do I do? I am confused!


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Hi Sam,

Thanks for reaching out, our registrar IPS tag for transferring domains in as the following:

Let us know if you need anything else.

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Hi Jim,

Thanks very much for this! I have entered the IPS tag at 123reg. It has disappeared from their system, so I assume it is being transferred… I’ve set-up the second account alongside my personal website, it has a temporary subdomain at Please can you help me change this to the domain? I am sorry, I don’t think I can see how to do this… perhaps I’ve misunderstood.


Hi Sam,

I can take care of that switch for you once the domain transfers cleanly, submit a ticket for this change and we’ll be sure to make it happen.

Thanks Jim, so sorry for the bother.

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