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Suuuuupeeer newb here, I can pick up things at…semi-fast speed if I’m shown.
I need some advice.
We have a faculty member who would like to collect assignments from faculty colleagues to show on a website. Tru-writer would be ideal as it is simple and the faculty liked the idea to use it, however, the number of questions they want to ask outweighs the number allotted number on the Truwriter form. I’m told editing the form is pretty difficult. Is there an alternative that is fairly easy to use?

Right now the faculty is using a google form to collect the information.

Thank you in advance!

If you have the Gravity Forms plugin, that’d be an option to have as many fields as you want to create a post.

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Hi, I am responsible for TRU Writer. It is not really a solution for custom forms. You can customize the field labels and prompts, but correct, adding additional form fields would be far from trivial. The approach I have taken when doing this before is to set up the default text that appears in the writing area with the headers for the questions you want them to respond do, and something like “replace this with your response” beneath. Here is a screenshot of a place I used it for students to submit final project reports.

Yes, people may not respond correctly and you will not spreadsheet like data, but it’s meant just to provide a writing space.

As Tom suggests below, Gravity Forms is most versatile and also capable of converting form responses to posts (might need some custom coding or yet another add on), but it has a fee. It is super powerful as all of the data is stored in wordpress and you can create custom responses sent by email and notifications.

It’s not clear from your question if you are looking to merely collect the data or have it made available as content in the site. There are gobs of wordpress form plugins, many are $ of limited for free, but most are for data collection.

Doing it via Google forms is definitely possible as you can collect everything you want- it might be worth looking at something like Awesome Table that lets you create dynamic web displays (with embed code) for form collected info stored in Google Sheets.

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