Trying to verify connectivity to external SQL database

I am trying to run some php scripts against an external database source, and I’m getting a connection timeout in my script. I’d like to make sure the port is open and I have good connectivity, but I cannot seem to use the nc command in the SSH interface. How can I make sure that my hosted space is effectively able to “talk” to the database in question so that I can better isolate the problem?

Hi Ben,
I can try installing the nc command for you if that helps. What server are you on? Or just let me know the domain and can figure that out for you.

Hi, it looks like I’m on kraftwerk. Alternately, if there is another way to do a quick connectivity test on port 1032 to a particular IP, I’m amenable to alternatives.

You can

telnet host port

Sorry for the delay on this, just installed netcat on Kraftwerk, let us know if that works.

Apologies, been busy trying to get a new service implemented.

I am unable to use nc or telnet from the terminal. I can ssh to the IP in question, but that doesn’t test the particular port I need open to query the database.

Hey Brandon,

Two things. Port 1032 is a non-standard port and so it wasn’t open on our server. It is now open so that along may be enough to make this work. But the second piece was we had the nc and telnet packages installed but forgot to make them available to all shells. That’s now fixed so both commands should be available from shell for you. Let me know if you need anything else!

I’m still having trouble making that database connection, so I think it’s time to go back to the database host and make sure they really were successful opening a hole in their firewall for kraftwerk. Thanks!