Tucows consent question with Reclaim domain setup

I’m helping a friend transfer his domain to Reclaim. He received this email from Tucows asking for consent to share his name & email, which referred to its agreement with Reclaim.
I looked for documentation on the Reclaim Community page for advice about what it means to give consent (or not), but so far I see nothing here under “Tucows,” which surprised me.

The email stated:

Data Use Consent Settings

Tucows, Inc. would like your consent

Reclaim Hosting has selected Tucows, Inc. to provide you with domain names and related services. Tucows, Inc. is required by law to ask for your consent to process a few pieces of data (indicated below) in addition to those required under the service contract.

Please read the information below and set your data use consent settings.

Your selections below apply to all services or products that Tucows, Inc. provides at the request of Reclaim Hosting. For more information about how data are used by Tucows, Inc. and shared with service providers, visit our [Data Use Information Page]…

The consent selections below apply to this person:

  • Name [My friend’s personal info appeared here, which I deleted for this question]
  • Organization [deleted]
  • Country [deleted]
  • Email [deleted]

Tucows, Inc. will keep these data elements on file to identify you as a client, as communicated in our domain registration agreement.

Consent is optional

With your consent, Tucows, Inc. may share the following data with the registry services provider, the gated Whois system, and our data escrow provider. For more information, visit our Data Use Information Page.

  • .com

I consent to the processing of: AddressCityCountry CodeEmail AddressFax NumberFirst NameLast NameOrganizationPhone NumberPostal CodeState
I consent to all of the above

You are in control of your data. You can withdraw consent at any time. Your privacy is important to us. Thank you for taking the time to review your consent preferences.

One of the domain registrar’s we use is OpenSRS which is owned by Tucows. And a lot of the legalese stuff like this is in light of the GDPR. As the email states, it’s optional and can be ignored with no adverse affects on the domain registration. Here’s way more information on it than you ever wanted :slight_smile: https://help.opensrs.com/hc/en-us/articles/360003764634-GDPR-FAQ-Data-use-consent-and-process-changes

We decided not to consent to this data-sharing option. Thanks!