Updating a Jekyll site

I built a site using Jekyll and deployed to RH, and everything looks fine. I was wondering if someone might point me to some info or suggestions to updating the site without simply FTP-ing all the files each time. I guess I’m asking if there is a way to work with the RH hosted version the same way I would with hosting the site on GitHub? Or, is it perhaps better to host the site on GitHub and simply redirect to URL?

Been quite awhile since I played with it but this is the blog post you want :slight_smile: https://blog.timowens.io/running-a-jekyll-site-on-reclaim-hosting/ (has options for cronjobs at the end to automate the build process). As to whether it’s better to let Github host and map domain, it’s definitely a whole hell of a lot easier. Better is subjective :slight_smile: