Updating Crusty Old MySQL to MySQLi

I knew it was coming, the deprecation of PHP versions older than 7, but I kept putting off updating my old Five Card Flickr Stories site, which I assembled in 2008. I can tell you this happened sometime between this morning, when I ironically used my site to tweet something, and this afternoon when a teacher tweeted that the site was down.

Luckily I had bookmarked this site that does a fair job of outlining the differences

And also I was fortunate that I had written all my database functions in a single PHP script and did not have them strewn across many files.

Most of the changes were changing the names of functions and including the variable reference to the database link (all changes are in utils.php), I surprised myself in being able to fif this without remembering much of my own code logic.

Updated repo is here GitHub - cogdog/5cardflickr: Five Card Flickr

Reclaim gave me plenty of notice, but I kept putting it off…

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