Using Gmail with a Reclaim Hosting domain

Hi everyone! Asking for a friend new to Reclaim . . . what is the best/simplest way to integrate a personal domain (, for example) into an email address and still retain functionality on the Gmail side? 1. Is it building the email infrastructure on the Reclaim side and just forwarding that stuff to a pre-existing Gmail account? Or, 2. is it simpler to just obtain the domain name and integrate that somehow into GSuite (or whatever else it’s called now) and have Google figure all that stuff out for me? (Assuming I’ve already registered and bought the domain through Reclaim because I don’t want to give Google any more money than I need to) . . . My pal and I will be following along this thread, and apologies if I am duplicating a question from somewhere else.


Those are all great questions. We actually have a couple of support articles which cover the scenarios you ask about.

Connecting Email Address to Gmail

Sending Mail from a Forwarded Gmail Address

The other alternative is to use Google Workspace and point the MX records over to them.

Let us know if you have any other questions.

Gordon Hawley
Customer Support Specialist

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