Website not working on mobile


I created a QR code for my website and when scanned on a mobile it goes to the main page instead of the page the QR code is for. To make matters worse the links don’t work on mobile.

The page is still in draft form.

To QR code for
Takes people to
I tried two ways of adding links to the page but they aren’t working either.

I tried different themes.

Thank you to those the know wordpress better than I for may insight you may have.


I think for people to help you, you’d need to embed the qr code. I made this one and it seems to work.


I don’t see any links on that page in the post body on a regular computer. The menu links function fine on mobile. Links should be links.

Thank you,

This is the QR code, which displays the right URL when I can it but brings me to the wrong page. The link on the website also brings me in a loop back to the wrong page. The other links on that page work though so I think it is an issue on my website.


Hi Laura!

Your QR code worked on my iPhone 8 using the QR Code Reader app, it took my to your intended page in the Safari app. Hah, I just learned I don’t even need an app, the iOS camera app reads QR codes and offers a link to open (this worked too).

Perhaps it’s an app issue or a device issue? Are you able to test on another mobile device? It does not seem to be a WordPress issue.