Welcome to Newbies Corner

Is this your first experience in managing a domain? Are you overwhelmed? Do the other parts of this community have too much techie talk? The newbie corner is here for you!

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This is my first time in this area of Reclaim Hosting, but not my first domain. I look forward to learning some things I can take with me into next term as I move more course discussion into the open web. To find out about me you can visit http://nursekillam.com/ (which I hope to update soon).


Hi Laura!=, welcome to the forum! You’re definitely in the right place, take a look around the categories we offer within these forum (main listed on the front page here: https://forums.reclaimhosting.com/). They range from installing software on your domain to general announcements about what’s going on at Reclaim and everything in between. There are a ton of great conversations going on as well. And if you need any help along the way you can email us at support@reclaimhosting.com too!

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Hello, I am new to Reclaim Hosting and finding my way a little at the moment. I wanted to find a place to host my project Community Open Online Courses (COOCs). I have the domain for that (coocs.co.uk and coocs.org) but was hoping to get the whole thing in an ethical place and my friend recommended Reclaim. Not sure how to do that, or what level of subscription I would need. Is there someone that can help me?



Hi Peter,

Our plans are at Shared Hosting – Reclaim Hosting and the main differentiating factor is storage space so you might start by finding out how much space you are currently utilizing with your hosting provider. We provide migration services and have a form for it at https://reclaimhosting.com/migrations/ that can be filled out after signing up. For further questions I would recommend reaching out to us at support@reclaimhosting.com.

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