What should I use to manage communications and tasks for my organization? some additional features wanted too

I need to have forums, task manager.
Additional features needed:
Task management or challenge Or job manager, maybe with points rewards to keep track of contributions to organization mission and objectives.
cooperative decision making platform.
Maybe crowdfunding with alternative currencies like faircoin rewards and social and reputation currencies on blockchains.
Social networking for community, customers, team members, service providers, general public interface.

A lot of people are building on top of WordPress and I imagine there are some clever solutions to some of your list via plugins or specific themes. We ran a crowdfunding campaign 3 years ago and used WordPress with a premium theme called Campaignify and that worked pretty well. In terms of social stuff BuddyPress is often what people will use, sometimes extended with additional functionality through other plugins. These forums are using Discourse which isn’t compatible with cPanel hosting, however we set folks up with forums on a separate server doing that and it works. Another popular forum software integrated into WordPress is bbPress but there are a handful of forum software also available as standalone software not tied to WordPress like phpBB and Vanilla Forums. One benefit if you do use WP for most of it is you could take advantage of a single user list across most all of these things versus trying to have separate software for each thing.

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