WordPress 4.7 and FeedWordPress

I’ve updated, or had the auto update for a few sites here That I use FWP on.

got quite a few error messages

FeedWordPressHTTPAuthenticator::set_auth_options() expected to be a reference, value

There is a topic on WordPress.org
BROKEN with the WordPress 4.7 update | WordPress.org

I’ve not tried the suggestion yet but wonder what other folk are doing…

I had the same issue with bavatuesdays (where I test all the updates) so I deactivated it temporarily until I can figure out what’s up. I am holding off on updating ds106 until know it works. Haven’t had time to look into it yet, but will follow on that suggestion and let you know what I discover hear, and I am all ears for other(s’) solutions.

You rule, John,

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@jimgroom I made the edit on one site Mobile Photos – From my phone via mail

in the file feedwordpresshttpauthenticator.class.php

line 153
function set_auth_options (&$handle)
function set_auth_options ($handle)

as per suggestions, and it seem to work.

I’ll leave it for a while before trying it on more important site.

I’m holding off on the big site but have updated the others and made that change. All well so far.

I just deactivated FWP as I wasn’t using it on my site at the moment. I’m hoping it gets updated soon. I could always dig into that php file, but to be honest I haven’t done anything like that before and somehow it seems a big step for a newbie to go messing around in code!

For once the developer was responsive, and made the fix; it has been updated in the WP repository. It’s working everywhere I use it.

I don’t think the thread was created for my question … but here goes. I am working FWP and I had hoped to “feed” the blogs onto a page other than the homepage. Is that possible?

See here: http://spring2017.seekingequityed677.org/blog/

I used to feed all the blogs together but that got confusing for folks. Is there a way to separate mine out from the others, essentially?

I did figure out that I could create a menu linked to a Category and I can Categorize my posts. But I can’t also take my posts out of the main feed, right? (I suppose maybe I don’t need to?).

Other designs that folks would recommend would be great. I love the aggregation and yet I notice my class/students get confused because all the posts look alike (and names don’t obviously show, etc.). Any way to bring more differentiation in here maybe?

I’ll plug @cogdog series on FWP

Those last two posts in particular are useful for this. You’re on the right track I think by leveraging categories to make things a bit more organized. On most sites I’ve seen that do this kind of thing the main feed gets moved to its own page and is called something like “The Firehose” or whatever so if someone wants to see everything there’s a place for it or they can view by category. Showing authors and other info is going to depend much more on the theme you use and isn’t specific to FWP.

Keep in mind that things like the author’s name showing or how it shows is usually a theme dependent aspect (rather than syndication). You could make names more obvious with some CSS tweaks . . .

You can use a plugin to exclude content in particular categories out of the main feed. Category Excluder is one example.

@cogdog did some more sophisticated auto-categorization stuff (syndicated, group membership etc.) on the open learning hub.

Depending on your skills/interest, you can also build more elaborate ways to navigate the content. You could, for instance, change the background color for posts in a certain category . . . stuff like that.

I’ve built out stuff to let you sort syndicated content by author, by category (assignments & groups) etc. I tend to use Facet WP to do that. I don’t have an example of that exactly but it works like this.

My approach is have it organized first, which is why I recommend creating a category structure ahead of time (see “A Logical Way to Organize Syndicated and Course Content”) in Feed WordPress 101: The Basics – CogDogBlog

  • Syndicated
    ** Student Posts
    ** Faculty Posts
    ** Maybe Groups?
    ** Open Participants

And when fees are added, you go to the categories section to pick the categories you want a feed to be organized under. This will only affect newly syndicated content; doing this after the fact means adding the categories in the Dashboard (the multi post quick edit helps)

The way FWP picks a user name is somewhat unpredictable, its based upon what the feed provides as far as information. Sometimes its the user name on the WP site, sometimes the site itself. You can edit the user each of these “authors” set the Nickame field for how you want it displayed, and change the Display As to that nickname.

Sometimes it creates really ugly usernames; I use the User Name Changer plugin to do what wordpress wont let you do :wink: Username Changer – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org

Happy syndicating. There’s always something to tinker with