Would Site Publisher page overwrite page of Wordpress already installed?

Well, oops.

I installed Wordpress when I got my Reclaim Hosting account (less than a week ago). I was going to create a Site Publisher page for the Domain Camp activity but a warning popped up:

Warning: The subdirectory that will contain your website already contains other files or directories. If they use the same filenames as your new website’s files, the system will automatically overwrite them when you click Publish.

It’s probably silly but I’m getting the “Are you sure you want to press that button” jitters.

May I use the About page for Wordpress instead?

Sorry for the fuss!




No apologies necessary.

The idea is to create a completely separate web site; it’s not the page itself that really matters, but an understanding of creating something outside of an existing site.

But definitely do not overwrite your site.

There is a note way at the bottom of the activity for people in your situation. You will need to do a lesson we introduce next week to create a subdomain such as about.nelkat.net or who.netkat.net. Once you have made one of these, you can use Site Publisher to put a landing page in that subdomain, it is a separate site completely from WordPress.

This was how the demo for http://about.extendlabs.ca was created.

Once you have one or more subdomains, the Sit Publisher offers these as options for places to use it (pick one that says it is empty)

Thank you very much!

I’m sorry I missed the note at the bottom.

It’s good news, however, because I’ve been wanting to learn how to create a subdomain. :grinning:

Thank you much for the step by step directions. The tutorials on CPanal and using the File Manager were quite helpful, too.