YOURLS Question

Hi folks,

I am working through the activities for Domain Camp Week 4 and installed YOURLS in

The installation put the log in screen under YOURLS — Your Own URL Shortener | and when you enter the url without /admin, it shows the directory tree.

This is awkward. Did I do something wrong with the installation or is there a way to add a display page so that this does not show?

Any advice would be appreciated. Irene

It is very awkward and I never understood why YOURLS does this. Last time I installed it I ended up using “Site Publisher” tool in cpanel to publish a basic landing page at the URL to hide them (it shouldn’t conflict with your install there).

Thank you, I thought about doing this but wasn’t sure if it would screw things up. I will add one!

I have a little 4 file template I use for sites where I do not want to expose the file directory via a URL. e.g. it uses jquery backstretch to fill the background with an image of your choice.

Just wrote up an activity to show you how to do the same thing

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