Adapt Authoring Tool

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I recently noticed that it’s now possible to install Node.js apps in cPanel. Is there a chance that the Adapt Authoring Tool will be added as an installable app? Alternatively, what about MongoDB? The latter should make it possible to manually install Adapt via ssh for those inclined. I think it also has an optional dependency on ffmpeg.

For reference, here are the install instructions for the Adapt Authoring Tool.

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Mike Matis

Unfortunately while Node.JS is available, MongoDB is not (yet) supported in cPanel environments which is a dealbreaker for Adapt. Hopefully that becomes available in the future and we can revisit either making an installer or at least being able to provide compatible instructions for running it. For now you’d have to setup a server to run that software separate from Reclaim Hosting.

Hey Mike,

Unearthing this topic as we have a new system in beta right now called Reclaim Cloud and we have built an installer for the Adapt Authoring Tool for it. You can learn more about Reclaim Cloud at and learn how to install Adapt at Adapt Authoring Tool now in Marketplace

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