Difference between Installatron and cPanel backups?

Just curious about a couple of questions regarding backups.

I see that we have the option to create backups of applications at the Installatron level

I see that we can make a whole CPANEL back up at the WHM level (which I believe includes the applications as well as configs and sites)

And I saw this

So, here are the questions:

How exactly do Installatron and Cpanel backups differ if I select backup system, user accounts, and all DBs (account and whole)? Still thinking I need both, but I am missing a nuance here I think. (other than CPANEL also gets the system files).

And I guess yours is whole system image, no pieces, all or nothing restore?


Full cPanel backups include everything down to SSL certificates, DNS zones, etc. It’s a lot but a cPanel backup can be restored on another cPanel server for example. There is no restoration process for a cPanel backup. Installatron is more a snapshot of the application including files and database. It can easily be restored to the same domain or a different domain in the same account. So I would say Installatron is better for regular automated backups of a site you want to be able to restore quickly, cPanel is good for the backups you want in case the whole account is hosed or you just want some peace of mind that you have a copy of everything.