Nodejs install via cpanel, like in this tutorial: Installing Ghost on Reclaim Hosting

Hello all!

I have three questions:

  • why is my Reclaim Hosting install not showing the Sofware option to “Setup Nodejs App”… and can I force it to (ie via upgrade etc)?
  • what is the best way to install Node.js v16 Gallium LTS to a folder in my reclaim server space, given I don’t have the above option?
  • how do I find out what version of linux my reclaim server is running, in order to troubleshoot installing Nodejs via the command line?

What is happening

I am following this tutorial:

And am up to the section where I am supposed to install nodejs.

The tutorial shows this picture of the cpanel software including nodejs app option.

But cpanel in my account shows this:

What I tried

So I tried adding Nodejs via the command line as instructed in the node docs.

But got an error that I can’t sudo.
So then I tried to install sudo, and got an error message that I can’t apt.
Next I tried looking up instructions for installing apt, but they all included using sudo.


I’d love to know any instructions for getting beyond this part, and continuing on with the excellent tutorial.

Crossing my fingers someone can help.


Starting August 1, 2020 Reclaim Hosting launched Reclaim Cloud which allows for more flexibility with applications such as Node.JS, Python, and Ruby. After the launch Reclaim decommissioned installation of CloudLinux across all new servers. Feel free to check out Reclaim Cloud as an alternative!

Also, we do have a one-click installer for Ghost in the Reclaim Cloud Marketplace that might be of interest.

No. this is not helpful.

Do you mean ‘feel free to check out’ as in: ‘we have made what you want to do harder?’
or as in: ‘we have made what you want to do impossible?’

Another way of asking this is:
Do I have to set up my own LAMP stack manually on my Reclaim space to run ghost?
Or should I not even try to install it because it is not possible?

Any reply that you can give that will save my time would be very helpful.


Ghost on our shared hosting service is no longer possible. That said, if you use Reclaim Cloud there is no need to setup LAMP, there is a one-click installation for Ghost in the Reclaim Cloud marketplace that will make the process quite easy. Give that a shot, and feel free to reach out to our support if you have any issues.

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