Q&A feature (Completed)

A new member here. So not sure if this has been discussed in the community before. I was looking at member questions and answers. There does not seem to be a “answer accepted” button for the Q&A features. It would be easier for everyone to scroll through questions and answers (and the solution) if the user who asked a question could mark a reply as the final solution(s). Something similar to Stack Overflow except less competitive so that users do not literally fight each other to post answers.

There is actually, it’s only activated in the Questions category here and the person who initiates the thread can mark any answer as the one that solved it. Good example

Some questions end up having multiple answers and it doesn’t handle that quite as well when there’s no authoritative answer to the question and it’s more a discussion so you won’t see them on everything. I try to go back sometimes and mark the resolution if the original poster doesn’t but often forget.

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I do not get the solution accepted button on my profile. For eg.

I want to mark your answer as the solution to my question. I do not get a final answer button like the one that you showed. Am I missing something here?

It wasn’t in the Questions category. Let me see if I can have multiple categories for that feature. While it wouldn’t make sense in our documentation area I think the General area it could make sense. In the short term I moved yours under the Questions category so you should see it now.

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My bad. :frowning: . Newbie here. Thanks a ton.

Not at all, it’s a great suggestion. I just added it to the General category as well. I think if more people use it then it would make things easier to read in terms of finding solutions so it’s a good thing to highlight.